Zoë Kravitz shares her beauty tips

Zoë Kravitz applies highlighter under her concealer to make her skin "glow", and she has advised people to "drink water and sleep and eat well".

The 30-year-old actress is known for her flawless complexion when she is on and off camera, and she makes sure to drink lots of water and "sleep and eat well" to keep her skin in its best possible condition.

She told British Vogue magazine: "The thing I’ve always carried with me in terms of beauty is that you really have to take care of yourself. You have to drink water and sleep and eat well. 

"All of that. Make-up, I always say, should highlight the things you love about yourself but it can only do so much. So if you’re not taking care of yourself your skin’s not going to look good then no amount of make-up can fix that. 

"But in terms of applying make-up, you know what I’m really into? I’m into putting your highlighter on under your concealer. You can add a little on top, but it’s nice to have that glow peeking through rather than just sitting there."

Zoë insisted she loves bold cosmetic looks, but will only opt for either a red lip or a smoky eye, and will never do both because she likes to keep her make-up "timeless".

She added: "I am a lip or eye kind of a girl, I think it’s one or the other. I love a red lip, I just think it’s sexy and chic. And whether it’s a smoky eye or just a liquid liner I love the shape of a cat eye. 

"I think it’s kind of timeless. I love the idea of a white T-shirt with a cat eye, it elevates everything. I’m kind of okay at doing it myself. The trick I’ve learned is doing it from the outside in, because I think it’s hard to match the flicks otherwise."

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