Zizi Kodwa says Zondo commission should probe judiciary

Johannesburg – Deputy Minister in the Presidency Zizi Kodwa says should there be a need to probe the judiciary and that probe should be handled by the Zondo commission.

Kodwa said since the commission is probing state capture, it is better suited to look at concerns of those who are calling on the judiciary to be probed.

The call comes as the country would be on Tuesday marking a year since the Zondo commission was established.

Kodwa insists the Zondo commission was started only to look at the executive after allegations that the Guptas had a hand in the appointment of ministers. The commission only later found itself looking at the legislative arm after it was alleged that parliament did not do its job in some instances.

 “There is noise about the judiciary and some of its rulings and I am saying there is no need for another commission if those who want a probe are not happy. But the state capture commission should be the one probing that,” Kodwa said.

He denied that he called for the judiciary to be probed because he has some information on judges behaving in an unethical manner. He said his call was merely sparked by the fact that some are not happy with some of the rulings recently made on the judiciary.

“I was not saying that because I have some information. No,” Kodwa said, adding that the judiciary is the third arm of the state.

The noise about the judiciary has been growing over the years. It grew louder on the last days of Jacob Zuma’s presidency when the judiciary was asked to rule on some hotly contested political matters. Critics said the opposition were running the country through the courts.

However, the judiciary has constantly denied the allegations of being biased in its many political rulings and harbouring a political agenda. 

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ZiZi 2 - Zizi Kodwa says Zondo commission should probe judiciary

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