Woolworths #LoveAlwaysWins Valentine’s Day campaign backfires

Woolworths has withdrawn their Valentines Day campaign due to social media outrage. 

The retailer said the campaign was intended to be a light-hearted reference to cliché characteristics in many relationships, however, consumers have criticised Woolworths for gender stereotyping.

The female version read: 

She orders a salad and then steals your chips; She takes forever to get ready; She snuggles you to the edge of the bed; She uses your razor to shave her legs; She makes you her Instagram husband; She says she’s “fine” when you know she’s not; She’s the light of your life. LoveAlwaysWins

The male version read:

He touches your hair; He doesn’t know the title to “your song”; He makes plans without telling you; He uses the wrong emojis in text messages; He believes he’s entitled to the remote control; He thinks he knows better than Siri; He’s the man of your dreams. #LoveAlwaysWins

Brent Lindeque, from  GoodThingsGuy.com – The Home of Everything Good has come up with his own suggestions:

woolworths valentines day poster - Woolworths #LoveAlwaysWins Valentine's Day campaign backfires

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