Women’s Month: 5 South African foodies we love

August marks the middle of our winter, the perfect time to be in a warm kitchen trying out new recipes and, most importantly, it’s Women’s Month.

This month is an important time where we can remember to give women the extra attention they deserve and acknowledge the amazing strides they are making. And one industry that women are using to take the world by storm just happens to be the food industry. In celebration of Women’s Month, we want to salute some of our favourite female foodies that have taken over the kitchen with great flair. Foodies from all over the nation are sharing their own experiences and expertise with food.

Here are five foodies you should be following now.

Clara Jane

Jane is a baker, blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer. Her Instagram timeline is one sure way to bring an end to any diet. Jane’s Instagram account takes you on a baking journey filled with beautiful cakes, mouth-watering desserts, and inspirational travel posts.

Linda Mtoba

Actress, Linda Mtoba is without a doubt one of the most stylish local celebrities and one with the most attractive Instagram feed. Apart from her great taste in travel and fashion, we could not help but notice that Mtoba loves food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, every plate she shares has you salivating. Whether Mtoba is out at a local restaurant or at home, her breakfast posts are always the best. Mtoba sure knows her food.

Katelyn Allegra (nee Williams)

Allegra is a photographer, food stylist, recipe developer, and an award-winning cookbook author. She has more than 10 years of experience in television and magazines. Allegra’s journey in print and television continued on the Expresso breakfast show on SABC3 where she became well-known for her insatiable sweet tooth and creating recipes that are accessible to all who share her obsession with baking.

Tuleka Prah

Prah is a film-maker food enthusiast and the founder of My African Food Map, a website that documents African cuisine. She takes you on a culinary tour around the continent; all you have to do is follow her. Prah hopes that her documentation of African cuisine will inspire people to look at the continent, its people, and its food in a better light.

Melissa Delport

Melissa Delport is a food photographer and blogger who loves to travel. She also works as a food stylist creating beautiful imagery with well-thought-out composition and perfect colour use. Working in the commercial and advertising industry she creates mouth-watering images for her clients. Delport also works with restaurants and boutique clients that require tailor-made imagery and content.

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