Woman gives birth in a parking lot while standing

Birth plans are great, but childbirth does not always go as planned.

New mom, Susan Anderson, had plans of giving birth in maternity clinic but she never made it – she gave birth in a parking lot and it was caught on camera.

“During the car ride to the birth maternity clinic, I turned to my husband, and I was like, ‘I need to push!” Anderson told Local 10. “By the time we got to the first step, the head was coming.”

Fortunately, there was a midwife, Sandra Lobaina, who was ready to catch the baby, as Susan and Joseph calmly stood in the parking lot to give birth to their baby.

In a video, Sandra Lobaina said “multitasking by catching a baby and letting them know we were all good was quite the experience! One of the most exciting births of 2020.”

Watch the video here.

The caption said: “One we won’t forget! Mom & baby are doing amazing and we can all laugh at how awesome this birth was.”

After the Natural Birth Work centre posted the video on Facebook, it immediately started trending.

Later, Lovaina discussed what happened via Zoom with another of the center’s midwives, Gelena Hinkley.

“It’s so crazy. We never expected all this attention. It’s just mind-boggling. We are so happy that it brought smiles to people’s faces and it brought a little joy in the world during this craziness,” said Lovaina.

She goes on to explain that this type of delivery is not uncommon, a precipitous or rapid birth occurs in roughly one in three women.

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