Why 2020 will be a testing year for Mzansi

For many South Africans, 2019 proved to be an extremely tough year, one they’re thrilled to see the back of. But are we in for yet another gruelling year?

This week, we asked a sangoma, Tarot card reader, palm reader and an astrologer for their predictions.

Ursula Wania, Tarot card reader

The year will bring many challenges, but the changes that will be implemented will have a positive outcome for the future. The Land Expropriation Bill will be passed in its current form, but once its starts rearing its head, many issues and conflict will arise.

This is not going to work out well and people will retaliate, eventually forcing this to come to an end.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will instil anti-corruption initiatives to try to bring back investor confidence, although this is not at the top of his agenda right now.

The National Health Insurance will be implemented with a few challenges but, surprisingly, it will work better than expected.

E-tolls will be scrapped with losses, but they will come up with new ways to try to recover their losses.

The perpetrators showcased in the Zondo Commission will be brought to book. There will be effective changes moving forward.

It seems the EFF will form an alliance with the ANC. New parties will be formed, but nothing significant enough to make a change.

Former president Jacob Zuma will be charged with corruption.

Hold on to your hats and tighten your belts, the general outlook for the economy is not favourable.

Look after your finances and invest wisely.

Crime will be an issue as the year starts, but citizens are not going to tolerate it for much longer.

Steps will be taken to lessen crime.

Eskom remains a problem.

There will be load shedding but, in time, Eskom will sort out the problems.

The matric pass rate would not have improved much from last year, although, there are some who would have done exceptionally well.

If measures are taken to improve on this, there will be improvement towards the end of the year.

Ramaphosa will be under pressure to serve.

He will need to take into account the people of South Africa or face many obstacles.

As many obstacles as there are, South Africa will remain a country in which you can operate and thrive.

Business will struggle but it will still be easier in South Africa than in many other places in the world.

Women and children will be better protected, although this will take more time to gain traction.

Hijackings will continue and taxis make their own rules, but they too will come under scrutiny.

Interest rates will not fluctuate too much.

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Sangoma Gogo Hlongwa.

Gogo Hlongwa, sangoma

South Africans should brace themselves for a bad 2020. The economy is going to be in a terrible state and fewer people are going to have disposable income.

However, there might be some hope on the political landscape. The year will start off rocky but then transitions towards promising.

I see an image of two hands which I’m interpreting as unity and coalition.

Environmental problems will worsen.

Nomkhubulwane is beyond fed up with us humans. (Nomkhubulwane is the Zulu goddess of rain, nature, and fertility, and is regarded as Mother Earth).

South Africa will see the continuation of extreme weather patterns characterised by heavy rains or severe drought.

Subadra Devi Dasa, Vedic astrologer

South Africa will experience losses because of a significant weather event at the beginning of July.

A lunar eclipse on July 4 and 5 will play a role in this.

The event will also have a knock-on effect on the price of groceries because crops will be affected.

Along with Africa, North and South America will bear the brunt of some form of severe weather.

There will be no improvement on the political and economic climate in the country until August or September.

Isabella Gomez, palm reader

A new wave of compassion will spread across South Africa.

The year will be a year of blessings.

Lots of walls will be broken down.

People are starting to have more compassion for one another.

The year is one in a seven-year cycle.

Every seven years there is one year that has a full harvest of blessings.

I believe it will be one of those years.

Lots of people have been through sorrow.

A wave of blessing is coming in.

A lot of people are struggling with their marriages, with their children and with broken homes, but most of those who are suffering have addictions.

I had two recent visions.

In one, somebody was chewing their flesh.

The interpretation is that people should pay attention to their children and make sure they do not “bite their flesh”.

In other words, they should ensure their offspring are not driven to prostitution, drugs and trafficking.

Also of concern is a spirit doing the rounds.

It could lead people to abuse their children – more by beatings than sexual acts.

The second vision was of people digging the ground with their teeth.

That means they are eating bitterness and sadness.

It’s shameful and painful for those who have hit the floor and start digging around with their mouths.

But people will rise and not continue to suffer, because when you fall, the only way to go is up.

And we’ve had a lot of falls.

The spirit of laziness has to leave people.

If you feel you’re no good even if you have a degree, there is no shame.

An honest day’s work is an honest day’s wages, no matter what it is.

We cannot expect things to fall out of the sky for us.

A major spirit of procrastination is eating the country alive.

People like getting paid but nobody likes to do the work.

On climate change, there will be more intense weather patterns with four seasons in one week and higher temperatures.

On the political front, the country will get a new leader, who will be a god-fearing man.

The troubles in Hong Kong will continue and President Donald Trump will not be impeached, although he may be elected to another term of office.

“The world is a mess.

“People are looking to a specific country for guidance, but that country, my country, it is so messed up.” (Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the US).

There have to be new role models.

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