What to pack for your Ultra Music Festival weekend

Ultra Music Festival will return to South Africa in March. The festival will take place at the Ostrich Farm in Cape Town on March 1, and the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg on March 2.

Ultra, popular for its electronic dance music, sees people travel from all parts of the world to watch popular music acts like The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix in action. The festival is quite popular in Miami, Singapore, Bali, Brazil and Japan.

If you intend on going, here are some packing tips:

Pack for adventure: Many festival goers make a weekend of Ultra and tend to explore the city that they are in. It could be a hike at a national park, a day at the theme park or conquering their fears with an adventure activity.

What to pack: shorts or track pants (depending on the weather), a quality takkie, a t-shirt, hat and sunscreen.

Pack for comfort: While some impressive outfit may get you recognised at the festival, the last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable while your favourite music acts perform. One can make a statement without breaking the bank or compromising their comfort.

What to pack: Comfortable shoes (there’s going to be lots of dancing) and a few t-shirts (I would pack a few extra should any accidents happen).

Pack for all seasons: While Ultra takes place in Summer, the weather is quite unpredictable. Last year, many people in Johannesburg had a bad experience due to the weather. Make space in your bag for hot and cold types of weather. It does come in handy!

What to pack: A raincoat if it rains, a quality jacket if it gets chilly at night and something that is good for hot weather and lazy days by the pool.  Who knows, you might get to wear it all if the weather has anything to do with it!

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