WC Woman Released On Warning Over Child Abuse

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A 52-year-old woman is being charged with child abuse after police found her foster child chained around the neck on a farm outside Worcester.

The woman’s daughter was allegedly also abused on a farm in the Scherpenheuwel area outside Worcester.

She is expected to appear in court on Thursday following her arrest over the weekend.

Police and social workers swooped on the farm on Saturday evening after they had received a tip-off regarding the alleged abuse.

Police say the woman’s 16-year-old foster child was found cuffed with a chain around the neck.

The teenager was apparently being punished for three days.

The accused’s 15-year-old biological child was allegedly also beaten on a daily basis.

Ten other minors, between the ages of two and 12, were removed from the park homes and taken to a place of safety.

Social workers are busy assessing the other children to determine if there are other charges should be added.

The suspect made a first appearance in court earlier this week and was released on a warning.


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