WATCH: World’s first Vegan Fashion Week

Wearing a cape made from pineapple leaves or a ball gown forged from apple skin may not sound very stylish.

But models paraded on the catwalk in these and other eye-catching animal-free outfits this weekend – for the world’s first Vegan Fashion Week.

Wedding dresses that avoid silk, men’s brogues made from melted corn oil and even condoms which use thistle extract instead of milk protein were on display at the Los Angeles event.

The event’s founder, French stylist Emmanuelle Rienda, told a cheering crowd that the show’s message was ‘trying to be respectful of the animals but also of people and the environment’. Even the modelling agency Margaux calls itself vegan, with half of those on the catwalk shunning meat.

The pineapple-leaf cape, priced at £2,865, (R50 000) uses British brand Pinatex to provide the faux leather fabric.

Its designer Chris Stylez, 30, said: ‘I want to encourage everyone to continue to push for and celebrate cruelty-free sustainable living.’

The only famous face in attendance on Saturday appeared to be 90s singer Moby, a prominent animal rights activist. 

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