WATCH: TNS’s career dream comes true

Nkazimulo Ngema has always imagined himself making it big.

As a young boy he would dream about a career in music, and now he can pat himself on the back knowing that he is behind some of the country’s best house beats.

“I took music as a career before even setting foot in a studio because I believed in it,” Ngema said.

The vocalist, popularly known as TNS, is also a producer and a familiar face on the hits Club Controller and Banomoya by Prince Kaybee.

His relationship with the producer began in 2017.

“I had produced the Club Controller beat as an instrumental. I loved the way Kaybee was not about the money but rather the craft.

“I wanted him to help me get ahead and promote my work. I didn’t make music to be selling it to someone else to get rich. I wanted him to make sure it would be a success for both of us.”

Ngema said he never gave up on himself, even when it seemed like there was no way out of his situation.

“When I first met Kaybee I only had a pair of pants, two T-shirts and torn sneakers. In fact, the torn takkies had just been stolen from me by someone at the place I was staying, and I had flip flops on.”

Ngema said he was eventually taken in by the award-winning artist and had been making chart-topping music with him ever since.

“The Banomoya instrumental was something we worked on in March last year and it was always playing in the house. Kaybee then added some things to it and got Busiswa on the track. Then it went on to become Banomoya, the song of the year.”

Ngema has been producing his own music since 2012.

“The thing that made me decide to produce for myself was because these beat makers would always want to overcharge and I couldn’t afford because I was struggling.”

Now, with the release of his new year single, My Dali, featuring Indlovukazi, he plans to make sure he gives talented people a platform the way Prince Kaybee did with him.

“My Dali is a song I did to showcase my talent and others. I want people who are entering the industry to know that anything is possible.

“Your dreams don’t have to take forever to come true; your life can change overnight sometimes.”

Ngema wants to be an inspiration to people through his music.

“When people listen to my music I want them to imagine themselves and really look at their situations to see how they can get to where they want.

“Someone like me who would sleep in the streets and not have any food to eat could make it. I want them to listen to the music and be inspired.

“Your life can change in an instant. Focus on your passion and you will get there.”

Ngema is working on an album that he will be releasing later in the year.

My Dali drops on Friday. 


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