Watch: Standing together for Durban

The challenge of homelessness in Durban is rapidly expanding. We see it everyday  and yet never seem to pay attention to it.

For Shani Wood, this is not the case. The  mother of three who is happily married, a full-time retail employee and founder of an NGO,  she is determined to make a difference in her city.

“We always want someone else to fix the problem and when I realised that I am that someone  else and that I have the power to rally the community together and that collectively we can  make a difference in the city of Durban, I thought, why not go for it,” said Shani Wood.

Her organisation started off as a Facebook page and slowly grew into a  hub of kindness and light on the streets of Durban.  She aims to further develop the homeless people’s skills and get them into the working world.

Working close-by with other NGOs in Durban like The Wellness Centre Clinic, she and her team have managed to turn lives  around with their warm hearts and dedication to make a difference.

"I also am looking at doing more long-term projects. I’ve partnered with the Wellness Centre Program and am doing some coaching about how to set up CV’s, and do’s and don’ts for interviews," she added.

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