WATCH: Somizi gets into a liquor store and does not want to leave it

In the words of Nene Leakes, the thirst is indeed real.

A quick browse through social media will make you see that South Africans are thirsty. It goes beyond thirst.

They are parched for a glass of wine or even their favourite cider. And it’s not just regular folk who are thirsty, it’s the rich and famous too.

The champagne guzzlers throat’s are dryer than the Kalahari and one such champagne popper is Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung who let his fans know he was thirsty.

The “Idols SA” judge took to Instagram and uploaded a hilarious video of himself inside the liquor store at his local Woolworths.

In the video the star said that he was in the store when he saw workers cleaning the liquor section and decided to go in.

“Guys they are cleaning here (the liquor store) and they want me to go out, how can I leave this place. Oh my God just look (at the alcohol) I am not going. You will have to call the police”, he says jokingly while the sound of laughter is heard in the background.

He then goes on to ask if he can at least take one bottle with him. When the answer is no, he jokingly comes up with an idea to get a bottle of liquor.

He captioned the video: “The thirst is real…..so Woolies staff was (c)leaning the liquor section”.

Watch the full video below:

The star also hit the top of the trends list this weekend after he stripped down to his underwear on “Idols SA” after losing a bet.

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