WATCH: Lil Nas X crashes Disney wedding

Lil Nas X crashed a wedding at Disney World over the weekend.

The "Old Town Road" hitmaker took to Twitter to reveal he surprised a newly wed couple as they tied the knot at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Taking to social media to share a video from Saturday, Lil Nas captioned it: "Just crashed a wedding at disney world (sic)"

In the video, Lil Nas can be seen running into the small hall as his hit song ‘Old Town Road’ played to the great shock of everyone present, with one attendee saying: "What the f**k is happening right now?"

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old rapper previously opened up about his own love life, admitting he falls in love "super-easily".

Speaking about his relationships, he said: "I have met a lot of great people this year. Relationships are hard because either I end up being too busy or I end up falling for another person. I fall super-easily."

Lil Nas came out in July 2019 and whilst he didn’t tell anyone – including his managers and record label – before he announced it publicly, he did call his father first and admits it was a "shock" for him.

Speaking about his relationship with his father, he added: "We have become closer. I mean, especially now because I don’t have anything to hide. It was a shock for him. It’s still the beginning phase. I’m not comfortable bringing a guy around yet."

However, the singer isn’t very close to his mother.

Admitting things didn’t "work out", he shared: "I never really talk about my mom. She’s an addict so we don’t have the closest relationship. Even trying to get her better – things didn’t quite work out. But there’s still love. The biggest surprise of becoming globally famous? On the outside, everybody loves you – but on the inside, everything feels the same."
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