WATCH: Liberia remains an important priority for China

Infrastructure development in Liberia remains an important priority for China’s government. Recognising the political consensus of jointly promoting China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the two governments of China and Liberia have decided to form cooperation between two distinct economies, to realise joint development and economic prosperity. 

Liberia and the Chinese government, as well as the Africa Development Bank, recognise that rehabilitating infrastructure in Liberia is essential. Liberian president George Manna Weah’s key priorities have been in bolstering the economy and public infrastructure. 

The BRI encourages Liberia to participate in major regional infrastructure projects that will benefit the global economy, a topic discussed at the bilateral meeting held at the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing. 


Liberia joins BRI, BRTIV, Sanhaji Lotz

Liberia has remained one of China’s key allies, through Liberia participating in the Pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity, within the National Development Strategy of the BRI. Both Liberia and China intend to work together to enhance political relations, economic ties, security cooperation, and people-to-people exchange. 

Since the inception of his presidency, Weah has committed to strengthening education, infrastructure, roads, and agriculture across the country. 

President Weah told the Chinese publication, Xinhua, “Our need is roads … Building roads to connect the country will help Liberia get back on track. If you look at most of our infrastructure, like the roads, they are being built by Chinese companies. This is one of the ways that China is helping.” 

The “Pro-poor Agenda” has a particular focus on education and creating a better future for the youth of Liberia. Having signed the Memorandum of Understanding at the forum, president Weah has joined the 153 countries signed up to the Belt and Road initiative, to create a better and more prosperous economy for all.

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