WATCH: James Charles claps back at Tati and Jeffree Star

YouTube beauty guru James Charles has clapped back at Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star after losing millions of subscribers in the "BYE SISTER" video aftermath. 

The YouTube beauty community has been in shambles in the last couple of weeks after Tati posted her "BYE SISTER" video explaining why she is severing ties with James. 

In the aftermath, Jeffree Star, Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora joined the drama with casual viewers watching with bated breath to see how everything unfolds. 

Following the major backlash Tati posted a video on Thursday called "Why I Did it" explaining her motivations and said she would be taking time off from YouTube. She also deleted her "BYE SISTER" video. 

On Saturday, James clapped back to allegations with his "No More Lies" video with receipts disproving allegations made by Tati in her video and Jeffree’s tweets

This time around, James had in a full beat and addressed the Seattle waiter Sam situation, shared his side of the Sugar Bear Hair Coachella controversial ad, responded to Jeffree’s tweets, along with private texts he received from Tati and James. 

Since he posted "No More Lies" James has gained back subscribers while Jeffree and Tati have lost subscribers although not at the quantity has James.  

After the video dropped Jeffree tweeted: "Before you believe anything today, remember there are always two sides to every story". 

He followed this by saying that James tried to master manipulate everyone with his video and than he some sad and disgusting things to real about him. 

Everyone was waiting anxiously to see what files Jeffree was gonna pull on James, instead he posted a video called "Never Doing This Again" explaining that he won’t be taking part in anymore of the drama and deleted his tweets. 

Both Tati and James have said that they will be taking a break from social media in the meantime. And the future of James’ Sisters Tour and apparel is still unknown. 

taijames jeffree - WATCH: James Charles claps back at Tati and Jeffree Star
jame tati - WATCH: James Charles claps back at Tati and Jeffree Star

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