WATCH: How to create the perfect cat-eye

Whether you call it a cat-eye, wing or flick, that eyeliner shape is a classic addition to a makeup look. Even if you just have bare eyes with a simple line, you’ve already put in some effort into your look.

It’s just a simple line. So why is it so difficult to master?

Many ladies have this notion that the perfect wing is created with one simple sweep of eyeliner.

I suppose with years of practice you’ll be able to advance to that level of precision.

Besides mastering the art of drawing a sleek crisp line, there is the matter of the shape of the tip.

The shape of the wing and thickness of the liner is all a matter of preference.

You can keep it simple by drawing a fine line just really close to your lash line, or you can go as thick as Amy Winehouse used to.

Mine often ends up looking like hers when I can’t get the shape right and I keep “correcting” and going thicker and the wing becomes longer and longer!

You might just want a simple, tiny wing in the shape of a lash or a more modern pointy tip.

But before you start trying different shapes, you have to learn the basics first.

There are eyeliner stencils on the market that can use but it’s so much better to learn how to do it yourself.

I came across this tutorial by makeup artist Ali Andreea that is easy to follow and the results are spot on.

She talks you through the common mistakes you’re probably making and how you should be doing it.

Watch Andreea take you through the do’s and don’ts of creating the perfect wing eyeliner.

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