WATCH: #GoT Season 8 Episode 1: An Explainer

Game of Thrones creators, David Benoiff and DB Weiss, released a video to explain what takes place in the first episode of the eigth season. 

In the video, they explain the reason behind the choices they have made with how they take the story further and take fans of the show deeper into what is actually taking place and reminds them of the similarities of the opening and final scenes of the episode, to the very first episode of the show. 

"We have been with these characters on a pretty regular basis, all the time for the past however many years. The fact that they are coming back together again for the first time, means more to them than it may mean to us," Weiss said in the video. 

Watch the full video above to see them share more details about what happened in the first episode and whet your appetite for the next episode, next week. 

Winter Is Here! 

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lsgoseason8 - WATCH: #GoT Season 8 Episode 1: An Explainer

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