WATCH: Duduzane Zuma is back in SA, stops at wild party in Durban

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Durban – The Dubai-based son of former President Jacob Zuma, Duduzane Zuma is back in South Africa and he has already started causing a commotion wherever he goes.

It is not known when the businessman son of Zuma senior landed in the country. However, his presence was felt in the northern Durban township of KwaMashu on Saturday evening.

Shortly before 8pm, Zuma junior landed with his squad of bodyguards at a popular joint called Wiseman carwash and shisanyama situated at KwaMashu’s G section.

Instead of going to the VIP section of the popular shisanyama where high profile patrons normally sit, he hit the general section of the place.

A wild commotion ensued – but his bodyguards were able to easily manage it – allowing the patrons to mingle with him.

The last time Zuma junior caused such a commotion was in January this year in Port Shepstone where he attended the KZN ANC January 8 rally.

At that rally, he became the centre of attention until MEC Bheki Ntuli, intervened and told him to move to a VIP area rather than sit in the general section because party members were obsessed with taking pictures with him instead of listening to speeches

Back to KwaMashu, Zuma junior mingled with the people and took selfies with them while wearing his charming smile. He wore a black shirt with short sleeves.

At some point, the DJ who was on the deck realised that patrons were no longer interested in his music, and he changed his tunes and played the “Ubaba KaDuduzane” song and sent the crowd into a wild frenzy.

Thereafter Zuma junior was whisked out in a convoy of about five cars.

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