WATCH: DJ Zinhle ‘spotted’ in AKA’s World promo vid

The Twitter streets have been rife with speculation about AKA and DJ Zinhle alleged reunion following multiple sightings together — without their daughter, Kairo.

The latest frenzy comes after the "Fela in Versace" hitmaker shared a promo video of his upcoming app, AKA World. Scenes included the teaser trailer seemingly includes scenes from his recent vacation. 

Earlier this month AKA shared snaps of himself on vacation, Zinhle did the same and the landscapes looked very similar, according to social media investigators. 

Twitter CSI now believes that their assumptions were spot on, as Zinhle seems to be low-key featuring in the promo teaser. The video does not show the face of the woman featured in the video, but the kimono worn by the ‘mystery woman’ looks almost exactly like the one worn by Zinhle in a vacation photo she shared on Instagram this month — right about the same time the "baecation" rumours started circulating.

The promo teaser also features their daughter, Kairo. 

collage - WATCH: DJ Zinhle 'spotted' in AKA's World promo vid
Picture1547472634647 - WATCH: DJ Zinhle 'spotted' in AKA's World promo vid
104580028 - WATCH: DJ Zinhle 'spotted' in AKA's World promo vid

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