Vytjie Mentor faces tough questions at #StateCaptureInquiry

Johannesburg – Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor has faced tough questions regarding discrepancies in her evidence submitted at the Zondo commission.

Mentor returned on Monday to the witness stand after her first appearance at the inquiry in August last year.

She had testified on various issues including that she was on an Emirates flight to Dubai in 2010 when Duduzane introduced her to a man he referred to as Chairman. She identified the man as Hlongwane.

The former ANC MP also told the inquiry that she was offered the post of Minister of Public enterprises by Ajay Gupta if she helped stop SAA’s route from Mumbai to Johannesburg. 

She said Ajay told her that the family had a company, Jet Airlines, that would take over the route once the SAA one falls away. 

Ajay had told her that former president Jacob Zuma had plans to reshuffle his Cabinet and that then minister of public enterprises Barbara Hogan would be fired. 

On Monday she was lead by the commission’s legal team Advocate Sello who presented evidence that was contrary to that provided to the commission. 

Sello introduced evidence from the Department of Home Affairs and Emirates Airline. 

According to the evidence, Atul Gupta, who Mentor had said was one of the Guptas she met in China, did not fly to China to attend the government’s formal event there in August 2010. Atul Gupta did not leave the country at the time. 

The Department of Trade and Industries’ (DTI) records also showed that Atul Gupta did not attend the China event, according to their records. 

Mentor attempted to allude to the fact that the Guptas were known to receive special treatment with regards to travel arrangement and that it could be possible that Atul Gupta could have gone out unnoticed. Mentor also mentioned the fact that Atul is known to have many passports. 

Sello said Mentor’s assertions were impossible as the Department of Home Affairs provided extensive documents on Atul’s travel and if someone left the country their movements would be recorded by the system. 

In some circumstances, Mentor said she was not sure if it was possible to obtain footage of the China government event to prove that Atul Gupta was probably there.

The inquiry continues. 


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