#Valentines2019: Chris Jaftha talks all things love

Adventure dating show The Longest Day is a cross between The Bachelor, Love Island and Fear Factor. It showcases Mpumalanga and the equally beautiful Chris Jaftha.

Despite rumours of a romance in 2018, Jaftha tells me he is single, but work hasn’t made him too available.

Television’s boy next door worked with orphans before dancing in African Footprint.

He’s hosted glitzy magazine show Top Billing, did Dancing with the Stars (which is on repeat on Vuzu) and Bedford Wives (airing on Amazon Prime); he’s currently filming horror movie Heks/Her mask (for release in the US, Canada and Japan); and come February 11, he’s on a date.

“The Longest Date is an extreme adventure dating competition.

“It’s going to be a hit,” proclaims Jaftha.

“We will pair our 16 strangers on a series of extreme challenges. They have to win their challenges to stay in the game and, hopefully, find love while doing it.

“Anyone you overcome an obstacle with, you form a bond with. They’re either going to connect in a special way, or they won’t be able to stand each other.
“Something I’ve always known is that love can’t be forced, but you can also grow to love someone.”

Speaking of love, Jaftha says he doesn’t have any Valentine’s Day plans or a date, for that matter.

“We’re supposed to share love every day,” he says, and while he admits doing his best to keep his personal life personal, he says his ideal partner would be intelligent, humourous, hard-working, generous, kind, compassionate and godly.”

She’sd also probably have to be open to skydiving. “I’m extremely adventurous,” he says.

He’s also extremely fit and stylish.

He’s been pictured wearing nothing but a blade fade and ripped abs, or otherwise a host of South African designer threads from the likes of Sheldon Kopman at Naked Ape, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Casper Bosman, Snaps, Palse and Peter Resso Designs.

“I try to hit the gym as often as I can. Resistance-training is a must for me. I enjoy HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well and I’m killing it at bodytechBodytec.

“If I have a certain goal I’ll go on a strict eating plan… high protein, high fat, moderate slow-releasing carbs.” 

His ideal date?  “I’m quite a simple guy,” he says.

“Good company is important; interesting and uplifting conversations around dinner and drinks or a movie. It’s not where, its who.”

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