Unpopular Opinion: Alcohol Edition

If you’re the sort of masochist who pathologically peruses their timeline like they’re paid to (like me), it’s more likely that you’ve been privy to the infamous “unpopular opinion” Tweet format. Tweeps are giving their two cents in the form of threads on everything from relationships, sport, culture, music, food and alcohol.

 The objective is to create internet hysteria with controversial opinions which are actually not unpopular after all. Nothing is left untouched. I’m not kidding when I say there are people who think tequila is the Beyonce of spirits and that fine wine is nasty (trust the internet to internet the only way it knows how: irresponsibly *rolls eyes*).

 As anticipated, with such an inharmonious plethora of opinions, some downright mind-boggling, responses have been quite heated. According to my timeline, gin tastes like you’re chewing a Christmas tree, washed down with pine air freshener and rum over everything. I almost dropped my phone scrolling passed the audacity of that tweep. The general consensus is that if it’s brown, stick around; if it’s clear, disappear and I’m not completely mad at that. But cinnamon whiskey was dragged as tasting like flavoured rat poison and I have so many questions.

 A prude-ish tweep asked why alcohol is legal in the first place and I fear she’s never heard of millennial existential dread. This was retweeted with inconvenient truth: coffee liqueur tastes like bug spray, and Cognac like dirt made by the devil himself. The thread also touched on beer and its propensity to provide Dutch courage – which I can confirm from personal experience.

 We’re all in agreeance that people over 25 have no business drinking vodka like they’re refraction periods haven’t decreased since paying income tax. Some gems were dropped, and my favorite in particular being that flavoured liquor is the ugly cousin to unflavoured liquor.

 The hashtag has been used hundreds of thousands of times over the past month. I’ve been spewing unpopular opinions my whole life but where are my likes and retweets?

Unpopular1 - Unpopular Opinion: Alcohol Edition

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