Twitter reacts to #OPW’s ‘so much drama’ couple

Sunday’s "Our Perfect Wedding" couple said they wanted to be part of the show in order to celebrate their union, which they described as one with "so much drama." 

Mamphumuwa Masobe, 26, from Ratanda and Kelello Mophuting, 27, from Vereeniging met back in 2011 at varsity.

Over the years, they became friends and were in denial about their love. Kelello’s stolen kiss was the beginning of their relationship. 

"I love her a lot and I think I have found my soul mate," expressed Kelello. 

They kept their relationship under wraps till Mamphumuwa fell pregnant.

"When she came with Kelello, she said he was her friend from school. Since I grew up having male friends, I didn’t suspect they were more than just friends…She suddenly fell pregnant, I asked how this was that possible since they were friends," said the mother of the bride Maria Makhale. 

Their relationship had a lot of drama, breaking up two times already within 8 years of their relationship. When Kelello found out she had pursued a relationship with someone else during their first break up, his response was "Geez, that was my nightmare. I couldn’t take it well. When I found out about it, I wanted her back immediately."

Their second break up was again due to cheating in 2016, after they had paid lobola and bought a house together. 

Now they’ve decided to tie the knot on national television, to celebrate a love that has not broken throughout the drama. 

And for such a dramatic couple, their official day was equally full of it.

Firstly their form of transportation was a tractor. Creative right? 

The white wedding theme was white and silver. 

Everybody was dressed in white except for the bridal party, who were dressed in dusty pink and the groom dressed in royal blue. The reception area was also all-white, with a touch of silver. 

The third drama came from the pastor who forgot the most important part of any wedding, the kiss. When reminded, he screamed out, "I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry", which was so funny.

Day 2 of their traditional wedding was staged outside the groom’s house, and the theme was blue and white, with a touch of African elements. 

The couple wore two different traditional attires, both blue and white and makoti’s name was traditionally changed to Mamohau. 

In the end the couple declared their two-day celebration as their "super, angelic, white, perfect wedding". Simple and to the point type wedding. Halala!


Kelello2 - Twitter reacts to #OPW's 'so much drama' couple

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