Twitter has a ’what the heck’ moment as beans and peach dish sparks outrage

There was a collective “ew“ on the internet when a picture of beans mixed with canned peaches surfaced on Twitter.

This week, a Twitter user @KatlegoLTweets posted a picture of the unusual dish that had the internet baffled. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then followed up with this caption: “Only Black People would understand”.

Now I am not speaking for all Black people, but that picture is disgusting.

Looking at the picture now, I think it was a prank. I suspect that the person who made this dish just wanted to play around with these foods so he or she could go viral as a form of clout chasing.

This is not to say that I have not seen some strange culinary inventions pop up on the internet, which has been very real during the lockdown, but I just can’t picture someone enjoying a spoonful of juicy peaches mixed with beans – no matter how adventurous your palate is.

Mixing baked beans and canned peaches is honestly the worst meal I can think of right now. Why would you do that? What was the reason?

We were left baffled by this and we aren’t the only ones.

As you might imagine there were many comments about how this dish was not for black people as he wrote in the caption.

However, @ElmanYMinerva replied saying the dish is not only made by Black people, it’s an example of an untraditional side dish in parts of the US.

“This along with other dishes that combine fruits in season, with untraditional ingredients, is a side dish that is made by many southerners and often brought to putlocks. Some people could see this dish as symbolizing an opposition to peaches and cream. Not only made by Blacks,” they wrote.

If this dish does exist, then this one is not the most visually appealing dish to ever hit the internet. If you think about it, baked beans are often sweetened with brown sugar, and canned peaches are also equally sweet.

Perhaps the thinking behind this dish was that it might be pleasant to have the semi-delicacy of the beans balanced out by the peaches?

Mixing sweet and savoury dishes is not a big deal nor is it new. But surely there’s a limit to it?

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