#TrendAlert: Print face-masks make an Instagram entry

Glossy and print face-masks are becoming a thing on Instagram. 

Gone are the days when face-masks used to be something you couldn’t be seen with. Nowadays, you can wear a face-mask and still look cool. In recent times, we’ve seen a trend of glossy and print face-masks doing rounds on social media.

Although it’s not ideal to go on the streets with a mask, you can still make an entry on Instagram and slay with these cool face-masks. 

The printed face-mask

Digital storyteller, Abongwe Qokela is way ahead of time. While you’re still busy hiding your face when wearing a mask, the fashion enthusiast is already setting trends, making a fashion statement in print masks. 

 The golden face
We often hear people talk about the golden heart, but what about the golden face? Shimmer your face with the gold face mask and sparkle a little. 

Other trending face-masks are tissue mask, and of course, charcoal. 
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