#TravelTuesday tips you should know

Ahh, it is #TravelTuesday. While some may not physically travel due to work, many gain their wanderlust from Twitter.

The trending hashtag offers everything from how to pass time at the airport, scenic drives and group travel. This is what Twitter users had to say:

How to pass time at the airport

Sara Alsourani‏ @travelerarabian said she “usually kill time in the airports by watching the busy air traffic.”

For those who do not like the suggestion, may we suggest exploring the airport. There are many shops and restaurants to experience.

Transport wisely

Transport during a travel trip has been an age-old debate. Fortunately, Girl about the Globe‏ has a travel tip.

“Take a local bus around an island instead of paying for a private tour to see the sights. #traveltips #solo” (sic).

The stress of booking

According to @MUSA_KHULU, booking a trip for one person is stressful enough”

He has a solution:

“Imagine trying to plan for a whole group of people! Group travel tours and packages are designed to alleviate that burden and help to simplify your travel plans,” he tweeted.

Scenic drives

@thejaxblog knows somewhere to take a drive: Chapman’s Peak in Cape Town.

The blogger said: “Take a scenic drive along Chapman’s Peak!!! One of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world.”

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