#TravelTuesday: Three of the best pics from around the world

It’s #TravelTuesday, the special day in the week where the world uses social media to share pics and info about all things travel. From travel deals to pics of dreamy holiday destinations, follow the hashtag and have your mind blown away.

Here are a few of our favourite posts today:
This post by @tuideutschland, which is of Cyprus’ Atlantica Mare Village Ayia Napa, looks about as dreamy and relaxing as they come. S et away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this resort is all about tranquility and perfectly suited for a family holiday. 

Arizona’s best-known feature is the Grand Canyon. The US state also has several other insanely beautiful natural sites, including Monument Valley, Sedona and Saguaro National Park. As captioned on this pic, this particular location is nicknamed “The Wave”. Tiffany, the lady walking "The Wave", apparently had to wait for 14 months before she was granted permission to surf it.

I can’t quite tell exactly what colour those leaves are, but I know they’re gorgeous. Located in Kyoto, Japan, Arashiyama is known as  the "Place of Scenic Beauty". Judging from this  particular image, which was taken by Loïc Lagarde, a Parisian t ravel photographer, that title is well-deserved.
TRAVELTUESDAY - #TravelTuesday: Three of the best pics from around the world

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