Top comic line-up on the cards for Durban

Durban – Twelve top South African comedians will take to the stage at Durban’s ICC on February 16 for the Kings and Queens of Comedy extravaganza. The line-up for the evening includes Carvin Goldstone, Angel Campey, Muthu Murugan, Ndumiso Lindi, Riaad Moosa, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Tumi Morake and Chester Missing (Conrad Koch).

A few new faces to comedy also join the stage, including Thenjiwe Moseley, Mo Vawda and Lindy Johnson, with East Coast Radio’s Darren Maule as the MC for this star-studded event.

The Independent on Saturday caught up with Goldstone, Campey, Murugan and Koch, who were excited to chat about the event.

“In terms of the line-up, it’s so humbling to be up alongside these great acts. Every time my phone rings and it’s one of these guys, I get so excited because I can’t believe that I’m friends with them,” said Cape Town comedian and radio presenter Campey.

Without giving away too much about her skit, Campey said she would be pointing the spotlight at the awkward reality of a white South African comedian by highlighting her family complications and the hilarity of South African attributes.

Each comic has their own approach to the content with which they engage their audiences. Goldstone says his material is inspired by life: “If you watch me, you will see that everything I do is in real life. That’s how I’ve always structured it. I don’t really make stuff up. I kind of just tell the stories and portray the characters that I have stuff in common with – so when you watch me, you feel like you see that person.”

After winning big at the annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards last year and being named South Africa’s most popular funny guy, Goldstone was also recently invited to attend an A-lister lunch in Sandton by the Tsogo Sun group.

“As a comedian, it’s kind of weird being an A-lister. We usually make fun of that sort of thing and people in that circle. Comedy is very much about levelling the playing field and bringing audiences and people who might be considered powerful on to the same plane. So it’s a new space. I was terribly awkward at the A-Listers get-together in Joburg because I’m still very much not an A-lister in my head.

“In terms of the popularity, with comedy, the more you relate to people and tell their stories, then they’re like ‘okay, that’s our guy’. People are seeing their stories in the work that I’m doing and I think that’s where the popularity comes in,” he added.

As for the country’s politically-opinionated puppet Chester Missing, accompanied by Koch, they’re known for their controversial, funny and frank views on the current South African state of affairs.

“We get all our material from politicians. We don’t even write jokes. We just say ‘they did this’ and people laugh. You can either spend years building a routine and crafting your work or you can just join Hlaudi’s political party. Either way people will laugh,” said Koch.

And no stranger to the Kings and Queens of Comedy stage is Murugan. Known as the King of Indian Comedy, Murugan said, after years in the industry, he has had many accolades, but has also faced criticism.

“I don’t even respond to the people who don’t know me and make negative statements. I have my own style and I’m just me. My inspiration for my content comes from everyday life.”

Fans will be pleased to know that award-winning comedian and actor, Riaad Moosa, will also take to the stage with his usual dose of laughter.

  • The Kings and Queens of Comedy show takes place on February 16 at the Durban ICC at 8pm. Tickets are R200 to R345 at Computicket.

The Independent on Saturday

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