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Champagne has long been associated with Valentine’s Day as it is something that adds sparkle to romance. A rosé Champagne ticks all the boxes – it tastes delicious, looks beautiful in the glass and is guaranteed to ensure any occasion becomes a proper celebration.

To get the perfect rosés to serve with your meal on Valentine’s Day, Good Life spoke to Moët Hennessy Champagne portfolio manager Patrick Leslie.

Leslie said selecting the perfect bottle for Valentine’s should be a heart-warming task. But with the range of Champagne available, what to choose? He said the shopping alone can be a daunting prospect.

So it has sipped and savoured their way through a selection of most desirable choices on the market to bring us the perfect bubbles for Valentine’s Day.

Turn on the glamour

Moët & Chandon ‘Living Ties’ Rosé gift box

The name Moët & Chandon has become synonymous with celebration and this year, the house is taking Valentine’s Day to the next level with the launch of its desirable – and limited-edition – Moët & Chandon Rosé Living Ties gift box.

“The design makes for a seriously glamorous present, with the black bow on the gift box already perfectly tied for your Valentine. No wrapping required!” says Patrick Leslie, Moët Hennessy Champagne portfolio manager. Moët Rosé is known for its radiant colour, intense fruitiness and seductive palate. Chill, pop and savour at any and all Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Available from: R599

Romantic sundowners

Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé

Champagne drinkers can finally toast to Valentine’s Day in the city in Champagne style thanks to Veuve Clicquot, which has recently introduced Rich Rosé to South Africa – and just in time for February 14.

Created expressly for mixology, Rich Rosé is Veuve Clicquot’s most versatile Champagne, designed to allow anyone to create their own playful drinking experience. Best enjoyed over ice with fresh ingredients, including lime, pineapple, ginger or tea. Just add a balmy summer evening and a perfect cityscape view.

Valentine’s sundowners for city-slickers, sorted.

Available from: R899

Set the mood

Ruinart Rosé

Haven’t heard of Ruinart? You have now. Known as the Champagne for wine lovers, Ruinart was the very first rosé Champagne to make its appearance, dating back to the 18th century.

Expect a delicate yet sophisticated rosé with an intense aromatic profile, perfect to complement that delicious dinner you’ve lovingly prepared (or ordered in, we won’t tell anyone). “I find that rosé Champagnes are usually the best champagnes to have with dinner, even with meat,” wrote expert Ed McCarthy in his comprehensive Champagne for Dummies.

You heard it here first.

Available from: R949

For those who have it all

Dom Pérignon Rosé 2005

Of course, for a truly spectacular Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to beat the wow factor that accompanies one of the world’s most famous Champagnes, Dom Pérignon.

“I would suggest serving your Dom Pérignon Rosé in a larger-format wine glass to experience the full expression of this incredibly refined champagne, it elevates the whole tasting experience,” says Manuel Cabello, head sommelier at Ellerman House.

Produce a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé for your valentine and expect 364 days of love to follow.

Available from: R3599

Leslie added that whichever rosé you choose, always serve (and then keep) your Champagne chilled, not icy.

“The best way to chill your bottle is to fill a bucket with ice and one-third water and allow your bottle to cool for 15-20 minutes, and ensure you open your bottle with suitable ceremony – think a gentle whisper rather than a loud bang,” he said.

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