#TheRiver: Lindiwe is back, and oh so desperate

When Lindiwe Dikana (Sindi Dlathu)  won the court case for the murder of Thato Mokoena (Don Mlangeni-Nawa), we had all given up thinking evil would always prevail on the popular 1 Magic telenovela. 

In a premature celebration of this victory, Mrs Dikana’s house of cards came crumbling down when the entire extent of her evil was revealed to her sweet and rather naive husband Zweli Dikana (Hlomla Dandala) who kicked her out of their marital home, began divorced proceedings and took her mine along with all her riches. 
Disappearing without so much as an apology to her children, especially her youngest daughter Mbali (Zenokuhle Maseko) who took the leaving of her mother very hard. Mbali even managed to get herself into trouble with some really dangerous people and a cocaine habit. 

After weeks, Lindiwe returned last night in a Quantum.In it,she returned with her sidekick Zolani (Lawrence Maleka)  and two Black plastic bags that carried all their belongings. 

She cut a sorry figure begging Zweli to open the gate and speak to her.  Cap in hand, with very simple cornrows, she begged Zweli to give her money.  But the fun and games began when  Zweli opened the gate, Lindiwe tried to make a run towards the house when she was stopped by Zweli spraying her with water from a garden hose after he warned her repeatedly not to do this. 
Of course fans had a field day  on Twitter, mainly celebrating the demise of Lindiwe: 

Other viewers complained that parts of the storyline were just not making sense:

With all the drama unfolding in this week’s edition of "The River," Thurday’s episode should have even more drama when it airs on channel 103 at 8pm.

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