The Weeknd shocks fans after undergoing ’plastic surgery’

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The Weeknd finally took off his bandages and fans were left shaken by his new look.

At the 2020 American Music Awards, the Canadian singer rocked up with a bandaged face, looking like he was recovering from surgery.

If you’ve been following his music, you would know The Weeknd goes beyond expectations regarding storytelling. He always goes for some weird storyline with symbolism.

For his new music video for “Save Your Tears”, he convinced people he had undergone surgery, but it was all just special effect make-up.

For the video that already has over 2 million views since its premiere on Tuesday, The Weeknd shared a behind the scenes photo with his 27 million followers on Instagram, showing off his botched face.

His fans, who are used to his ways, made fun of those who thought The Weeknd had permanently altered his looks.

“There are people out here thinking that The Weeknd had undergone plastic surgery and that this was his new look,” said @MementoMoriXO.

Another Twitter user, @stainlessreal, commented: “The Weeknd is one of the last true artists in the industry right now. Haven’t seen someone go this deep into playing the part of a character for an album in a while. Even had some people thinking he had plastic surgery today.”

@marek_supersize said: “I love how Abel started his era with wounds and blood and now finished it with a ’plastic surgery’ @theweeknd. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!”

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