The Umgeni Decor and Lifestyle Park has officially launched

INTERNATIONAL – 14 March 2019 marked the official opening of Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park within the Umgeni precinct. 

Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park has been conceptualised by Eris Property Group, in partnership with PRASA and Intersite Asset Investments, and follows international trends. 

This R1.4 billion commercial development, notably the first-of-its-kind in South Africa, ticks all the boxes as it presents tailor-built stores with space to house any business showroom, office and distribution within one site across 135,000m² of a secure and beautifully landscaped zone. 

The recent launch welcomed Zebbies Lighting, CTM, as well as a number of Courier and Retail businesses. The prime location, accessibility to major highways, and convenience make Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park a game-changing development within the commercial property offerings. 

"Having introduced this concept to the public and local businesses 6 months ago, we can clearly see, by the immense interest shared, that there is a huge demand for a commercial property offering such as Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park. As a result, we have partnered with a number of key retailers and look forward to welcoming them to Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park in the near future," said Stephen Lawson, Developer Manager from Eris Property Group.

Construction on Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park is in full swing and is expecting completion of Phase A construction by as soon as October this year and the grand opening on the 1 November 2018. 

The Umgeni Deco & Lifestyle Park is a unique concept that aims to formalise the vibrant node offering high-spec infrastructure, management association, a ‘green’ environment, comprehensive framework of complimentary services which allows it to stand out from the crowd. 

"One of the many successes we have experienced on this project is that of job creation. We have been working hand-in-hand with a company called Catalyx, as well as the Ward Committee, to ensure that everything is with the involvement of the local community and to-date, we have managed to create 110 construction jobs, and going forward, we will have a number of permanent employment positions starting as the project unfolds," explained Lance Meyer, Executive Head of Property Development at Eris Property Group.

"We are proud to bring this exceptional opportunity to KwaZulu-Natal and pioneer a commercial property offering of international standards," concluded Stephen Lawson, Developer Manager from Eris Property Group.


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