The top travel podcasts to listen to

Podcasting is taking the world by storm and everyone, including travel experts, are jumping on the bandwagon. Listen to these podcasts anytime and anywhere, whether it is at the airport, en route a tour or while at work.

Here are some podcasts we love at the moment:

The Indie Travel Podcast: From what to pack in your carry-on, things to do in London and how to be a tourist in your own backyard, the Indie Travel podcast has got you sorted. Craig and Linda Martin started their full time in 2006. Their podcast helps them to share their travel mistakes and offers tips on how people can travel better.

Zero to Travel: Jason Moore describes himself as “shamelessly obsessed with building this kickass community of wanderers”, and one of the ways is through his podcast. Zero to Travel discusses everything from Alaska fishing jobs, medical tourism and travel safety tips.

Go the Travel Podcast: Travel writer Alex Cwalinski takes travellers on an adventure through his podcast. He tackles everything from the world’s most forbidden places to whether millennials were changing the travel industry.

Flight of Fancy: Flight of Fancy takes travellers on a journey. The podcast looks at the world’s most spectacular places to experience nature, asks questions like ‘Does travel change you?’ and why Africa should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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