The naked truth about submission

** This blog was written by Christine – Co-Host of Let’s Talk About Sex on Mix FM**

BDSM – today I want to look at the Ds – the submission part of Ds.

Why? Why? Why?

When I first entered the BDSM lifestyle I asked myself this on a regular basis. I felt guilty for wanting to submit.

Our mothers, our grandmothers, our great grandmothers, fought for the right to vote, to be paid what they were worth, they fought to be taken seriously. Its because of them, I can own land, be employed in a high-powered position, drive a car, etc, etc.

I, myself, hate walking into a boardroom and realising that I will once again have to be twice as clever, twice as quick, twice as knowledgeable just to be taken seriously, because I have breasts (quite nice ones I must say – or they were before kids) I am a force to be reckoned with, I can make a grown man cry (done it twice) and under estimate me at your peril. 

Anyone who knows me would never believe that one of my favourite places is kneeling at the feet of my Dom with my head in his lap.

So why?

Am I throwing away everything women throughout ages have fought for?

No, I’m not. I can be submissive and be a force to be reckoned with, I can submit to one person and cheerfully decapitate some ass with my tongue almost in the same breath. 

Being submissive does not mean being weak, does not mean going back decades in our emancipation. It is a facet of a single relationship in my life. It is a state of complete vulnerability you can only give to someone that you trust with every fibre of your being, and you have to be so strong within yourself to do it.

Does this sound familiar:

“what’s for supper dear?”

“Mom what colour shoes should I wear?”

“Mrs Smith – what stationery should we purchase this month?”

“darling should we take a holiday?”

To the point where you want to scream “CAN SOMEONE ELSE IN MY LIFE JUST MAKE A (expletive) DECISION?!!!!”

Now imagine for a little bit once a month, once a week, everyday – you don’t have to make a decision, not even what clothes to wear, you don’t have to think for everyone all the time, you don’t have to think at all, just do. 

Imagine just being held and stroked and told you’ve been a clever, good girl. Imagine a feeling of complete warmth and safety, for a moment nothing matters except that feeling. Appealing isn’t it?

That’s why, that and many other reasons, one being that I feel it deep down, but only for a select few, and my life is fuller, more emotional and higher highs and lower lows, and I like the roller coaster, I like having to adapt and grow and learn – and the sex is out of this world, I’ll just add that in there.

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