The Fergusons drop trailer for new show ‘Kings of Joburg’

Shona and Connie Ferguson have cemented their names in the industry when it comes to producing some of the country’s best television shows. They gave us "The Wild" many years ago, then "Rockville," "The Queen," "The Throne," "The Herd" and now, "Kings of Joburg." 

Uncle Shona, as he is known, first teased the show on Instagram two weeks ago when he shared a series of stills before dropping the trailer for the brand new drama on Twitter on Monday. 
After giving fans fair warning that "the city will never be same again. RUN," he wrote on Twitter:  "WE ARE NOT PLAYING! Kings of Joburg First Trailer is Out(sic)". 

The caption was followed by an almost one-minute long trailer of the new production, and if the Fergusons’ previous and current offerings are anything to go by, then "Kings of Joburg" is bound to be a hit.
The new show stars Shona Ferguson, Zolisa Xaluva, Masechaba Ndlovu and Tsholo Matshaba, who are all seen in the teaser trailer. 

shona - The Fergusons drop trailer for new show 'Kings of Joburg'

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