The cheapest places for holiday essentials

Keeping an eye on your bank balance can take the fun out of your holiday, but being aware of how much you can expect in advance to spend can ease that stress and bring the enjoyment back into your trip. 

The study revealed that the most affordable city for accommodation and transport was Antalya which came in at £12.24, whilst Buenos Aires topped the list as the city with the most fairly priced food and drinks totalling £9.93. 

However, Mumbai, India was found to have the cheapest attraction for their visitors, the Tiffany’s Cabaret Show in Pattaya. Here are our top three tips for keeping track of holiday spending (by

Take a Pre-Paid or Overseas Card With You: Using a Visa Card, you can pay in any shop worldwide where Visa cards are accepted, as well as withdraw cash from Visa-branded ATMs. With cards such as the lm card, you can complete online purchases safe in the knowledge that you will be getting better rates than most high-street bureau de change and banks, as the card intelligently selects the local currency to ensure the best rate.

Hit Up the Sales: Take advantage of any deals you might come across. If you missed the sales in January, a number of holiday providers release package deals at the beginning of the year in order to tempt customers into booking their summer trip early. Be sure to compare package deals and traditional DIY holidays to find the best value for your money.

Budget Your Spending Ahead of Time: As you pull together your holiday itinerary, take note of the cash you intend to spend over the course of your break and work this out day-by-day. Doing this means you will arrive back home feeling refreshed rather than worrying about the debts you incurred whilst on your break.

Reigo Eljas, Country Director UK & Ireland at, said, "You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to discover the world and many places can be explored and experienced for less than a night out in town. 

"From blow out spending in Las Vegas at £21.88 an hour to more refined spending in Cairo at £1.77 every hour, our research reveals the best cities to visit for every type of holiday budget."  

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