The best and worst foods to cook on a grill

With the cold season in full force, there’s nothing quite like cooking food over an open flame.

You are guaranteed great food, plus the warmth of the braai keeps you nice and cosy.

It is a universal truth: Grilling makes food taste good. It does not matter what you put on there, it will smell and taste amazing.

A charcoal grill is the go-to option when you are with family because it allows you to continue interacting with your loved ones while preparing the food you will eat.

And since most grilled meals are casual and share-friendly, grilling is perfect for a family afternoon. They are also great for smaller budgets and when you have got time to wait for the coals, but there is more to clean up and things can get dirty.

The grill does not just make food tasty. It offers some legitimate health benefits, too. For example, you don’t need much oil for grilling (unlike sautéeing in a pan). And fat drips off during cooking. Plus, if you are grilling, it probably means you are cooking for yourself, so you know what is in your food.

That said, you should know which foods are great for grilling, and which ones are more trouble than they are worth.

Here are some of the best and worst foods to cook on a grill.

The best:

– Steaks

– Hot dogs

– Hamburgers

– Ribs

– Shrimp

– Chicken

– Corn on the cob

– Peaches

The worst:

– Pizza

– Salmon

– Watermelon

– Flaky fish

– Pork chops

– Tomato

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