‘Susan Rohde Died a Painful & Gruesome Death,’ Says Judge

jason - ‘Susan Rohde Died a Painful & Gruesome Death,’ Says Judge

CAPE TOWN – The judge who sentenced Jason Rohde for the murder of his wife has found the aggravating factors were so extreme and shocking that they far outweighed his personal circumstances.

The property mogul has been handed an 18-year sentence for killing Susan Rohde at Spier Wine Estate in 2016 and five years for tampering with the crime scene to make it look like she committed suicide.

Three years of the second sentence will run concurrently with the sentence for murder, which means Rohde will in effect spend years behind bars.

Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlophe had tough words for Rohde.

“The murder of your wife was callous, brutal and shocking. She died a painful and gruesome death,” she said.

“You completely disregarded her bodily integrity.”

Salie-Hlophe found Rohde had the direct intention to kill his wife of 22 years who looked to him for protection.

The judge found he breached this trust when he attacked and killed his spouse in their private space.

Salie-Hlope also ruled Rohde was killed with excessive force, citing the various internal and external injuries she had sustained.


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