‘Surviving R. Kelly’ to be broadcast on local crime channel

The chilling docu-series that details the alleged depravities of musical icon R. Kelly will be hitting your screen soon, thanks to DStv’s Crime and Investigation (CI) channel. 

Channel 170 will be airing the six-part series from next week Wednesday, with a double bill of the show, and thereafter there will be one episode per week. 

Compact viewers will also be able to get in on the action with Multichoice giving them access to CI from February 6 to March 10. 

"Surviving R. Kelly" documents one of the biggest scandals in music to date as women share their stories of alleged abuse at the hands of R.  Kelly. 

The channel will also be broadcasting two other documentaries that go to the heart of the scandal that saw a reinvigoration of the #MeToo movements. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal will premiere on February 13, and it looks deeper into the stories of women who have come forward detailing abuse they suffered at the hands of Weinstein and other prominent male figures in the industry. 

Rose McGowan, who was also one of the first women who came forward about Weinstein, will in a documentary focusing solely on her share stories about her past and surviving Weinstein. Rose McGowan’s brave docu-series "Citizen Rose,"  will air on February 20.

Discussing why the channel chose to only broadcast "Surviving R. Kelly" in February, A+E Networks Africa marketing and sponsorship head Nazarene Khan said a usual delay in programming was to blame. 

“There is always a delay when we get content from the US because there is a process that content needs to go through before it gets to the screens," she explained.

"R. Kelly has been in the making for a long time but due to legal holes, it’s been moved. So we initially had it on our calendars for February 27, but once everything was sorted, and we were given the all clear, we changed everything to move it up. 

"When you look at abuse at this level, there is no line that can be drawn across race, gender, money lines to say this is where abuse happens, and this is who perpetrates it. It was important for us to not say ‘this is abuse, and RKelly is its face’. What he’s done is unbelievable, and shocking,  and after watching it, it forces you to question everything. But he’s not the only perpetrator of it. So as a channel it was important for us to highlight that abuse does not have only one face," Khan said. 
Talent manager, actress, and activist Rosie Motene said she applauds Multichoice and CI for being daring enough to broadcast the docu-series. She also detailed her own experiences of abuse in the local industry. 

“With me resigning from a certain programme on South African television because I refused to go semi-naked and do sex scenes, I did it at the risk of being blacklisted and I was. Part of my journey now is speaking for young girls and trying to get them counselling. 

"If I was blacklisted, and they tried to get me to do certain things, an actress who ’s been in the industry for over 25 years, then they’re going to do it to the Instagram girl or the girl that’s just coming into the industry. So my message is that yes it’s happening, but the broadcasters and the channels need to step up,” Motene said. 
SurvivingRKELLY - 'Surviving R. Kelly' to be broadcast on local crime channel

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