Student Protests At Wits University Flare Up

Student protests e1549544679453 - Student Protests At Wits University Flare Up

Protests have flared up again at Wits University as many students continue to demonstrate over a number of issues including accommodation and registration fees.

Earlier this week, a group of students embarked on a hunger strike demanding accommodation and that students with debt exceeding R10,000 be allowed to register.

Classes were disrupted again on Thursday morning and some of the university’s entrances blocked.

Wits University spokesperson Shirona Patel says they’ve now managed to re-open these entrances.

“We’ve managed to clear the road and we’ve got students and staff coming in from other entrances. The situation is somewhat contained at the moment, we did have issues with students with some of the security guards earlier, we’ve now got the group in front of the Great Hall [and] the police are around as well as additional security.”


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