‘Some of my friends are Indian’, says KFC customer accused of racism

Durban – THE man who hurled the C-word at an Indian manager at a Scottburgh KFC recently, says he is not a racist and that his utterances were made in the “heat of the moment”.

Last week, Glen Gerber handed himself over to the police and was formally charged with crimen injuria. He made a short appearance in court and is out on bail.

Gerber was captured on video last month, hurling obscenities at the KFC manager on duty after he allegedly received the wrong order for the third time in the week.

He is seen leaning over the counter, pointing his fingers at the manager, shouting: “To steal from me. Third time you steal from me now. You want to arrest me, come you ****** c***** k*****. I know what your face looks like, you ****** piece of ****.”

The video went viral on social media, creating an outcry from the public.

Speaking to the POST, Gerber said he loved KFC and was “peeved off” when his order was bungled.

“I ordered a zinger burger with extra cheese. What I received was a kiddies meal.”

He said when he called to report the mix-up, the manager was rude and arrogant.

“He then cut the call on me, which was the final straw. As a manager, he clearly was not professional and did not know how to deal with customers.”

Gerber said he drove to the outlet to speak directly to the manager.

Having watched the video, he said he realised “the whole thing was childish”.

“It was wrong. I shouldn’t have said those things. I’m not proud of how it was dealt with, but I will have to bite the bullet and face the music.”

Gerber was adamant he was not a racist.

“Before judging, take a look at my personal life and see the friends I keep. Some of my closest friends are Indian. Don’t throw the racist card. It was in the heat of the moment, and I said things I should not have said.”

His wife had previously told the POST he was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for a job interview but Gerber could not confirm this.

He also denied reports that he was fired from his job in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to racial references to employees.

“They were retrenching staff, and to my knowledge, they are still doing so.”

Local councillor Roy Bhoola lodged a formal complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

“We have allowed the law to take its course, and for due process to be followed.”

The SAHRC confirmed receipt of the complaint and it was being processed for assessment as per its complaints handling procedures.

“Once assessed, a determination will be made on how the matter will be handled,” it said in a statement.


Angry KFC customer charged for alleged racist rant

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