Solange wants music to stand the test of time

‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ singer Solange has revealed she wants her music to inspire "young black girls" for the next five decades.

The 32-year-old star unveiled her fourth album ‘When I Get Home’ last week, and she has revealed her goal of making "astounding work" which will stand the test of time.

She’s quoted by The Guardian newspaper as saying: "I’m thinking about the possibility of maybe some young black girl in 20 years needing to reference a black sculptor who’s making work that large, and in landscape like that, and the blessing and privilege [that] I might come up in that search.

"Of course, I want to make these massive landscapes and express these parts of me … because it’s beautiful, and I want to make astounding work. But I really want to make work to be discovered 50 years from now."

After releasing her previous LP ‘A Seat at the Table’, Solange – whose older sister is superstar Beyonce – spent a lot of time on the road, and returning to her hometown of Houston, Texas was what she needed to revitalise herself personally and professionally.

She explained: "I think any time you go through something like that, you crave … things that remain the same.

"I know that at any given time in my life, I can come back here, to Houston, to third ward, and have these anchors.

"The longer I was here, the more these sort of things that might have been mundane to me, visually, started to really enrich me."

The resulting follow-up record is one that is more for the singer herself, rather than something accessible for everyone else.

She added: "I had so much to give on my last project while also needing to heal and work on myself," she says. "[‘A Seat at the Table’] was for everybody. I wanted it to be. And [‘When I Get] Home’ is for me."
solange - Solange wants music to stand the test of time
solange - Solange wants music to stand the test of time
destinychilds - Solange wants music to stand the test of time

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