Shawn Mendes doesn’t have a Valentine

Shawn Mendes has revealed he doesn’t have any big plans for Valentine’s Day, but he admitted he would make the effort if he did have a girlfriend to celebrate it with.

The ‘Stitches’ hitmaker has opened up about the romantic holiday on Thursday and admitted while he doesn’t have a partner, he would "definitely" do something special for the occasion if he did have someone to share it with.

Speaking to ‘Extra’ at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, he said: "I don’t, I don’t have a Valentine.

"If I had a girlfriend, I think I definitely would celebrate. But I never have… I never have gone and done something big for Valentine’s Day."

However, the 20-year-old singer insisted while he isn’t being too picky, he doesn’t want to "force" a romance.

He explained: "No, I’m not looking for a queen at all – I’m just trying not to force something."

Meanwhile, Shawn – who performed ‘In My Blood’ with Miley Cyrus at the star studded ceremony – has previously admitted while his career takes up a lot of his time and suggested he isn’t "supposed" to be dating at the moment, he would make an effort for the right person.

He said: "I didn’t mean it like I have to be single, I meant love isn’t something you should chase because then it isn’t real, so you have to just kind of let it happen …

"I don’t think you ever really get too busy for a relationship. I think you make time for it ’cause that’s important."

Shawn’s comments came after he said he was focusing on his work and pushing himself "to his limit" by playing as many shows as he can.

He added: "I want to push myself to my limit of what I can handle and play as many shows and write as many songs as I can and fly around the world 10,000 times in a year, pushing myself to the point where it seems crazy."
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