Send Your Post Holiday Blues Packing

mytfg cuba - Send Your Post Holiday Blues Packing

If you’re just back from leave and feeling like you want to run for the hills, or the beaches, you’re not alone. Post-holiday blues are widely documented, and affect many people, so rest assured that there are many others feeling exactly the same way and the feeling will pass.

One way to help you recover more quickly is to plan your next holiday, so take a moment to sit back and imagine exploring the ancient cave temples, tea plantations and idyllic beaches on an 8-day laid-back adventure through Sri-Lanka, or hitting the open road between New York and New Orleans on a 7-day overland odyssey.

We recognise that for most people, facing up to their dismal financial situation after the festive season is more of a priority than booking their next vacation. But has a novel solution which considers both your bank balance and your mental health. With only a 10% deposit paid before 28 February 2019 you can secure one of seven holidays now and pay for the rest later.

mytfg sri lanka - Send Your Post Holiday Blues Packing

So turn your office daydreams into reality with an epic 9-day journey through the history-steeped landscapes of Jordan and Egypt or spend a glorious week in Cuba immersing yourself in the history, culture and natural beauty of the colourful Carribean island.

These and other inspiring holiday packages including local trips to Simonstown and the Drakensberg are available at prices well within your reach.

Visit and feel those holiday blues disappear.

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