Save with essential packages delivered to your doorstep

This month Loot.co.za has ventured into a new product line; offering value packages to their customers.

Loot wants to encourage all South Africans to stay at home and have put together a variety of essential packages focusing on key household areas such as the pantry, cleaning cupboard, health and immunity as well as baby necessities.

These packages have each been strategically compiled, ideally ensuring customers can purchase one package and have everything they need for the month and not need to leave home.

They can also be delivered to someone you would like to help out in these times of need.

Essential Grocery Box

The Essential Grocery Box provides a selection of easy to prepare ingredients.

1x Bokomo Weet – Bix Wholegrain Cereal (450g)

1x Liqui-Fruit Fresh Juice Blend (Breakfast Punch)(1Lt)

1x Wellington Tomato Sauce (375ml)

1x Safari Peanuts & Raisins (150g)

1x Marmite Vegetable Sandwich Spread (125g)

1x Maizena Corn Flour (500g)

1x Moirs Vanilla Custard (125g)

1x Moirs Cherry Jelly (80g)

1x Moirs Greenage Jelly (80g)

1x Moirs Chocolate Mousse (150g)

1x White Star Super Maize Meal (1kg)

1x Spekko Saman White Rice (1kg)

1x Imbo Brown Lentils (500g)

1x Crossbow Soupmix (500g)

1x Pasta Grande Macaroni Pasta (500g)

1x Pasta Grande Spaghetti Pasta (500g)

Essential Pantry Box

The Essential Pantry Super Box offers a great selection of groceries for you or a friend you would like to help.

1x Fattis’s & Monis Macaroni (500g)

1x Tastic Parboiled Rice (2Kg)

1x Jungle Oats (1Kg)

1x Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce All Gold (405g)

1x Koo Chakalaka with Sweetcorn (410g)

1x Koo Garden Peas in Sweetened Brine (400g)

1x All Gold Tomato Sauce Squeeze (500g)

1x Holbrooks Worcester Sauce (250ml)

1x All Gold Tomato Paste Sachet (100g)

1x Oros Orange Squash (1L)

1x Koo Beans in Tomato Sauce (410g)

1x Koo Curried Mixed Vegetables (420g)

1x Black Cat Peanut Butter (400g)

1x All Gold Apricot Jam (450g)

1x Crosse & Blackwell Mayonnaise (375g)

1x Mrs Balls Chutney (470g)

Essential Home Cleaning Kit

Keep your home clean and fresh with this selection of cleaning products in the Essential Home Cleaning Kit.

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The Loot Essential Home Cleaning Kit.

1x Jeyes Homeguard Lavender (750ml)

1x Jeyes Toilet block 4 pack (4 x 45g)

1x Peaceful Sleep Aerosol (150g)

1x Airoma Lavender Garden (225ml)

1x Bio Classic Triple Action Washing Powder Bucket (3kg)

1x Bio Classic Regular Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang (500ml)

1x Bio Classic Stain Remover (400ml)

1x Doom Super (300ml)

1x Jeyes Original Fluid (250ml

Newborn Baby Essential Kit

Don’t be caught unprepared – our new born baby kit contains most of the necessities that your baby needs for when their skin is at the most delicate.

Pampers New Baby (Size 2)(Mini)(Jumbo Pack 94s)

Pampers Baby Wipes Fresh 4’s (4×64)

Johnson’s Baby Oil (200ml)

Johnson’s Baby Soap (100g)

Johnson’s Baby Conditioner (300ml)

Johnson’s Baby Pink Lotion (100ml)

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (300ml)

Immune Booster Box

Loot’s Immune Booster Box contains everything you need to boost your immune system in order to stay healthy.

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Loot Immune Booster Box.

VITATECH Zinc Complex (30 Tablets)

VITATECH Vitamin D3 (30 Tablets)

Vital Gold Active (30 Capsules)

Vital Gold Active multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Cal-C-Vita 1000mg Vitamin C Plus Effervescent Tablets (10 Tablets).

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