SACP set to rally behind Ramaphosa’s ANC leadership

Johannesburg – The SACP looks set to rally behind President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership of the ANC.

The party is also likely to review its decision to contest local government elections, saying internal battles in the ANC forced members to review a decision they took at their national congress in 2017.

This is contained in the SACP’s discussion document of its special national congress which starts in Kempton Park on Monday.

The SACP said it had played an “absolutely” critical part in the run-up to the ANC December 2017 national conference “in opening up space for the anti-state capture platform centred around Ramaphosa being able to hold public meetings and rallies in localities that were otherwise no-go areas”.

The party, however, admits in the discussion document that there were people who were going to raise the question of contesting elections independently for the 2021 local government elections.

“This may well be an essential step, but once more the SACP will need to assess not just the likely success or otherwise of such a move, but also the impact such a step would have on the ANC in the midst of its own major internal battles, on the alliance and on the possibilities of reconfiguring it.”

It adds: “SACP’s support for the ANC was not a reflection of being opportunistically blinded by the Ramaphoria cult motivated by a narrow set of electoral calculations.

“The resolutions on state and popular power at the 14th congress widely canvassed the complexity of conjecture in 2017 and laid the basis for deep discussion of the changing conjecture in the party structures."

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