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A hidden gem featuring some of the most vibrant wall art in Gauteng, Smack Pizza Co in Rivonia is fast becoming the hangout spot for all crowds from business executives, students and families alike.

We paid Smack Pizza Co a visit to see what they had to offer. This family restaurants has a three-dimensional array of pizzas, an offering of fresh focaccia bread, authentic Italian flatbread sarmies, submarine sandwiches and even the latest trend in desserts: rolled ice cream, we selected quite a few menu items to try.

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A combination of the Johnny Apple Pie pizza and the Classic Pepperoni Pizza. Picture by Lebohang Mosia

A garlic pizza bread topped with garlic butter and mozzarella on a thin crispy base with a crust to match, made for a great start that tantalized the taste buds.

From the pizza menu, a fan favourite for flexitarians is the “Veg Out”, comprised of a lovely thin base, it is a classic vegetarian option with, chickpeas, feta, Kalamata olives, red peppers, red onion, green pesto oil, and rocket. This tasty combination with textures leaves you anticipating the next slice and the next.

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Garlic Bread. Picture by Lebohang Mosia

The “Buffalo Chicken” with chicken breast, buffalo hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, and spring onion tastes like home. The pizza is drenched in the tomato sauce which you would expect to overpower everything else, but it doesn’t – it merely adds to the richness of the flavours, adding a nostalgic Italian feel to the pizza. My only criticism is that the chicken of which there was little to none per slice.

The most interesting pizza on the menu by far has to be the Johnny Apple Pie Pizza with smoked bacon, apple, and maple syrup. The marriage of the salt and savoury flavours is one that shouldn’t work, but magically and deliciously does. The base and crust of all three pizzas were phenomenal.

Smack1 - Review: Smack Pizza Co
Garlic Bread. Picture by Lebohang Mosia

The Freezos were some of the tastiest and creamiest. Nutella freezo topped with honeycomb crunchie made for a chocoholics ideal shakes, while the choc-mint served with jelly tots made for a fun shake reminiscent of childhood memories.

Rolled ice cream is all the rage right now and Smack Pizza Co certainly did not disappoint here. With a variety of starting bases, mixtures and toppings to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any selection. You can even see the magic of the process of your selected creation being made right before eyes.

Smack Pizza Co is definitely a firm favourite and a great place for the entire family, and is located at 329 Rivonia Blvd, Edenburg, Johannesburg.

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