Rebel Wilson on why she chose to freeze her eggs

Rebel Wilson has had her eggs frozen so she has a better chance of becoming a mother when the time is right.

The 39-year-old actress appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and during her interview revealed that she’d just visited a fertility clinic where she had undergone a procedure to have her eggs frozen – which is method of preserving a woman’s fertility so she can try to have children at a later date – and she thinks she made empowering choice when it comes to her fertility and insists that many older women could benefit from having a "back-up plan" when it comes to getting pregnant.

Speaking on the show on Australian radio station KIIS 106.5, she said: "I’ve just come from the fertility clinic actually."

Host Jackie then enquired: "What are you doing at the fertility clinic?"

Kyle Sandilands then added: "Are you trying to have a baby?"

Prompting Rebel to answer: "It’s a back-up plan. Career women now to have options, you know. Like I think a lot of women, especially in their thirties or if they can in their forties should think about doing it now. A lot of my friends in Hollywood are doing it."

Although the Pitch Perfect star is currently single, she joked that she’s waiting to be chosen for dating reality show The Bachelorette to find her ‘Mr. Right’ and she really wants to embark on a romance with a "former rugby player".

She said: "I’m waiting to go on the Australian version of The Bachelorette. Yeah, I keep putting it out there but they haven’t called me up there and I would take it very seriously."

When asked what her type is, Rebel admitted: "Former rugby players, yeah, I like physical strength, I’m not into skinny guys."

The Cats actress went on to open up about her upcoming new documentary which is based around her living a more healthy lifestyle and admitted that it was a "struggle" maintaining a balanced diet under the eye of a film crew.

She said: "I’m actually filming a documentary right now so I have a camera crew also in the car filming. It’s very Hollywood. They follow me around and I’m trying to be healthy but it’s a struggle.

"I can’t get the Ben and Jerry’s that I’d normally get so it makes it more challenging and keeps me more accountable to have a film crew follow me 27/7".

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