Project aims to train 30 young people to be app developers

DURBAN – As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, jobs will be changed, adapted or lost.

Therefore, to be successful in the future job market, it will be essential to master technology.

Software developers, app designers, robotics engineers and network experts will be among the most sought-after people in the workplace.

In light of this, IT varsity, a Durban-based institution, has partnered with the Valley Trust to launch Project Apptrepreneur at Botha’s Hill on the outskirts of Pinetown.

The objective of the project is to train 20 disadvantaged students to become app developers.

The project, which will run for the rest of the year, will see all 20 students gaining a national certificate in software development, as well as practical mentorship and guidance from IT varsity’s founders and directors, Bilal and Maseehullah Kathrada, who are both award-wining app developers.

According to Bilal, their vision is to “empower the students with not just technical skills, but also entrepreneurship skills and a go-getter attitude. That’s where the name Apptrepreneur comes from: it’s a combination of the words ‘app’ and ‘entrepreneur’.”

The project will be managed by Portia Nkukwana, who is the director of empowerment company The Skills Web and a member of the Valley Trust.

“We are excited to be a part of this project. We’ve always believed that all students need is an opportunity to gain the necessary skills, and they will be on their way.

“IT varsity brings the right blend of tech and entrepreneurial skills to the table,” Nkukwana said.

Nasirah Govindsamy, KwaZulu-Natal regional adviser for the Mict Seta, the regulatory body that oversees accreditation and quality assurance of IT and related courses, said: “Mict Seta is always willing to support empowerment initiatives where students are provided with real-world skills they can use to get a job or start a business. That is the mandate of the Setas.”


110122425 - Project aims to train 30 young people to be app developers

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