Prince Kaybee new album ‘Re Mmino’ goes gold

Local dance music producer Prince Kaybee’s new album "Re Mmino" has already gone gold following its release on Friday. 

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, the "Charlotte" producer shared that his new album "Re Mmino" has already gone gold and urged his fans to keep streaming and buying so that it can go platinum. 

While it may seem strange that the album reached this milestone so quickly, the inclusion of "Club Controller", "Banomoya" and "Fetch Your Life" on the album are most likely the reason from this since these songs have accumulated 47 million streams according to reports. 

Prince Kaybee is also touring the globe this year including Australia, Germany, Ireland and the UK. 

This comes after "Club Controller" hitmaker had a public falling out with his two-time collaborator TNS. 

The "Banomoya" producer confirmed in February,  following the news that he and TNS’ professional relationship ended due to TNS sleeping with his former girlfriend behind his back.  


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